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beard status quotes

Top Beard Status for WhatsApp, FB | New

Hi guys, Today I’m going to be showing you Top Beard Status for WhatsApp, FB. Listed down below are some of the New Beard Quotes that you may like.

All these quotes & status were handpicked by me personally.

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Top New Beard Status for WhatsApp, FB!

beard status quotes

  • Beard is the coolest thing that man can grow.


Men that don’t have a beard are not the REAL MEN!


Men that don’t shave after NoShaveNovember are the REAL MEN.


True love is like a beard, it never ENDS, it only GROWS!


I don’t like myself without a beard.


With great beard comes great responsibility!


Boys cry, MEN water their beards!


There’s a name for people without BEARDS….. Women!!


I don’t like myself without a beard.


Beard is the new six pack for MEN.



Be a man, Grow a beard xD


A man who can grow a beard is the kind of man you want to be with because a man who has the patience to grow a beard has the patience to deal with your shit.


Some fathers teach their sons to shave

others teach them to be men.


Keep calm & love your beard.


Don’t waste your time in trimming. Grow a beard.


No one can understand the importance of beard but the ones who already have it.


Chocolates are for kids, Real MEN like Beards.


Love your beard, It will love you more!


Beard is better than having a girlfriend. 


Beard is for MEN not for MEAN.


Not everyone can grow a beard. I am proud to have one.


Results take time, so do beards, have patience. 


Beard is the NEW trend. Grow one if you are a REAL MEN.

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