New Practice status quotes For Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram

New Practice status quotes For Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram

“Practice makes perfect” is an age-old adage that still holds true today.

Because achieving perfection in the development of a skill takes time, practise is directly proportional to patience. When learning a new skill, one must be patient and continue to practise until the skill is perfected.

To perfect an art, you must have the ability to study with patience and the drive to work hard, and it is patience that will bring you to your desired outcome. If you lose patience easily, you will miss out on the chance to learn a new skill. You must work hard and practise life skills as well as any other talent, because practise makes perfect.


Practice status quotes

Practice status quotes


I have to work really hard to get the record deal – I have to spend years at it to get good.”

-Taylor Swift

I don’t know if I practiced more than anybody, but I sure practiced enough. I still wonder if somebody — somewhere — was practicing more than me.”

-Larry Bird.

My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice and then practice some more.”

-Pete Rose.

Goal setting will never stop. I will continue to work hard and practice hard and see where things go.”

-Zach Johnson.

All men commend patience, although few are willing to practice it.”

-Thomas A. Kempis.

Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

-Billie Jean King.

Determination, effort, and practice are rewarded with success.”

― Mary Lydon Simonsen.

I practice martial arts not to win over other people but to win over my own heart.”

-Tony Jaa.

Practice without improvement is meaningless.”

-Chuck Knox.

Learn by practice.”

-Martha Graham

I practice as if I’m one of the starters.”

-Paulo Dybala.

They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.”

-Winston Churchill.

I have to practice to be good at guitar. I have to write 100 songs before you write the first good one.”

-Taylor Swift.

If you have the quality, you can only improve as a young player through match practice. That seems obvious, and it’s proven to be true in my case.”

-Toni Kroos.

Persistence, persistence, and persistence. The power can be created and maintained through daily practice – continuous effort.”

-Bruce Lee.

The more you practice, the better you get, the more freedom you have to create.”

-Jocko Willink

Ardent interest, focused practice, and perseverance are pillars for the solid stone foundation of success.”

-Lee David Daniels.

In sports, players need to be reminded of their competition to become motivated to practice. The same can be applied in business.”

-Gavin McGinnis.

Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

-Bob Ross.

The more you practice and study, the better you are… so I still practice and study all the time.”

-Cyndi Lauper.

Practice daily because the quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance.”

-Robin Sharma

Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.”

-Sparky Anderson

If you love music, practice and keep your overhead to the bare minimum. Keep your promises, who you are is more important than what licks you know to any band leader.”

-Steve Morse.

Practice like you’ve never won. Play like you’ve never lost.”

-Michael Jordan.

The more you write tunes, the better they will become. The more you do gigs, the better you will become. It’s just kind of like the facts of life; the practice makes perfect thing.”

-Ed Sheeran.

I’ve always considered myself to be just average talent and what I have is a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for practice and preparation.”

-Will Smith

I do not play this instrument so well as I should wish to, but I have always supposed that to be my own fault because I would not take the trouble of practicing.”

-Jane Austen.

With the right mindset, we can’t lose, we either practice what we’ve learned or we learn what we need to practice.”


The most important advice I can offer is that writing is a craft that you can learn by practicing. If you keep writing, you will improve.”

-Lauren Tarshis.

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